Founder of flyy high, Intuitive tarot reader and reiki grandmaster.

I’m here to help ladies to break all types of limitations without judged or losing respect from their family members using tarot cards, so that they can experience a spirit of freedom in there life at all levels

For personal, spiritual and entrepreneurial Growth and to bring transformation in life.


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Empower Your Inner Goddess

Limitless Living Coaching


I am Pooja, a Reiki Grand Master and Tarot card reader. My journey began with a passion for spirituality and a desire to break free from limitations that bind women. I discovered the transformative power of Reiki and Tarot, which changed my life.

As a child, I witnessed the struggles of women around me and knew I wanted something different. Reiki helped me regain confidence, while Tarot became my trusted guide during challenges and started my own healing business.

Now, my mission is to empower 10,000 women to find freedom and purpose. Through personalized Tarot consultations, I help women break free from limitations, discover their true selves, and embrace their destiny.

Join me on this transformative journey to experience the spirit of freedom at all levels of your life. Together, let's unlock your full potential and create the life you desire.


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30 days affirmations to break self and family limitaions


I had lot of confusions in life, and was suffering with lot of issues, so wanted some guidance and right path to choose, so did a tarot card reading with Pooja mam, it was so accurate, the reading, that it was just like unfolding my life, in front of me, what was the issue, why was I suffering, evrything was revealed, thxs to pooja mam and the follow up of mam to ask abt how was I dealing with my issues, it was actually very pleasing and gr8 on part of her to ask abt my well being, she is so young but u ask her abt anything, she will have a wise and truthful answer to it, I am very grateful and thankful for having a teacher like her in my life thank you mam

Bindu Antony

Puja ma'am is an exceptional Reiki master, teacher, and tarot consultant. I completed the Rajakriya Reiki Level 1 course, Angels and Devas Therapy Level 1, and had a tarot consultation with her. Her teachings were clear and engaging, providing a solid foundation in energy healing and spirituality. The courses were transformative, and Puja ma'am's guidance helped me connect with the angelic realm and develop my intuitive abilities. Her tarot readings were insightful and inspiring, leaving me with practical guidance. Puja ma'am's expertise, compassion, and dedication make her one of the finest practitioners I've encountered. I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking personal growth and spiritual development.

Dr. Deepa


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